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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oregon, Yurt, Bethel

Leo and I just got back from the Seattle and the Oregon coast, had a day at the yurt, and we are now in Bethel, Alaska visiting Nicki. Bethel is way out in Western Alaska, off the road system, and has a few thousand residents. We have been quite the traveling family and now all three of us are in the same place at the same time. Here are some photos of our travels.
Leo with a jellyfish he found while exploring tide pools.

Leo flying a kite by himself for the first time.

Leo all tuckered out on the train

We had a day back at the yurt before we went out to Bethel, so Leo took advantage of the garden while he could.

Alright, enough Leo cutesy stuff. We were delighted to see our wild flowers in bloom and many more veggies. I harvested as much as I could and then gave it away or packed it out to Bethel. Here is a photo of the garden.

In Bethel all of the building are up on stilts to keep them from breaking up as the ground shifts. We are in permafrost country so frost heaving is a big problem. Here is a picture of part of the elementary school.

Bethel is also the flattest place I've ever been in Alaska. You can look out on the tundra for miles. Here is a view from the road near the house we are staying in.

More tundra adventures to report later.

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