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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water Pipes, Sand Pits, and Blueberries

Another post so soon?! Well it's all part of my way of keeping busy out here. Here are some more spotlights on our time in Bethel.
In addition to having homes on stilts, all of the water and sewage is pumped above the ground. During the winter, each house has a water heater that the water circulates through and helps heat the entire utility system. The picture below is of the outdoor pipes that house foam insulation, water lines, and a sewer line.

Leo and I have discovered the sand pit a hundred yards away form our place. Rolling in the dirt, playing with trucks, and climbing "mountains" are ways we have been using this resource.

We also took the opportunity to work on our speling. :)

The far side of the sand pit opens out onto the tundra where we have discovered our favorite Bethel activity. Leo demonstrates in this picture. Recognize that fake smile?

Here are the fruits of about an hour of labor.

And then the final product: blueberry pancakes!

We are hoping for a double blueberry season. One in Bethel and one in Eagle River. We're keeping our fingers crossed anyway.

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