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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smiles and Smoke

People visiting the yurt from outside Alaska is one of my favorite events. It gives people a window into our lives and a reference to the things that I blog about. Our friend Zeta is the latest to come out and stay awhile. She is on her way to Barrow where she will begin her sailing voyage through the northwest passage and ending in New York sometime in September. She is part of a program called Around the Americas. You can see what this adventure is all about by following this link http://www.aroundtheamericas.org/ And, once it is posted to, you can follow her blog at http://arcticzeta.blogspot.com/
Here we are standing on the deck of the yurt. (from left to right Zeta, Eve, Steve, Ben)

Notice that hazy appearance of the sky behind us? It isn't actually a cloudy day. It is smoke that is lingering in the valley originating from forest fires in the interior of Alaska and from down on the Kenai peninsula. Here are some photos of the yurt a few days ago and then today.

Although, we are a bit disappointed that Zeta can't see the mountains, the smoke is making for some cool photographic conditions. Here is the rising sun above Cumulus Mountain.


Naturelady said...

That last one is a great picture of the haze! Been trying to snap a few myself, but don't seem to find the the time to get around to posting pix!

scrooner said...

Hey, that's Zeta & Steve! Good to see you guys again. Just subscribed to Zeta's blog too, so thanks!

-Portland Dan