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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Family is All Hitched and U-picks

What a summer of wedding this has been for us. From July to August, my two siblings and Nicki's two siblings have all gotten married. Nicki's little brother and my little sister were married in early July. Here is my little sister, Beth, her new husband, Jared, and their son, Jacob.

My older brother and Nicki's older brother are getting married in August. We just got back from a whirlwind tour of Seattle visiting family and friends and attending my brother's wedding. Aaron is the third man in our family to some how trick a smart, sophisticated, attractive woman into marring them. Myself and my father being the other two. Here he is with his new wife Milana.

Visiting Seattle friends was one fo the big highlights of the trip.

Leo got to spend time with his great-grand parents. The man reading the book is, as we called him that weekend, Leo Schneider (the elder). He is who our Leo (the younger) is named after.

Kaya spending quality time with her cousin Jacob and her grandpa.

A visit with Nanna and Grandpa. You can tell she really likes grandpa.

Our Oregon cousins brought U-Pick blueberries to share in Seattle. They were so good it inspired me to see what the U-Pick situation was here in Alaska. I found two of them and now have 4 pounds of raspberries. Here is our friend Lindsay looking a little nervous about what crawled into her wagon.

The only way I could get Leo to look at the camera was to let him throw cabbage leaves at me.

A week of excitement and one Hersey kiss later and this was all that was left of Leo.

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