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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oregon, Rainbows, and Bears

The last of our siblings just got married and we were down in Portland for the festivities. Leo had a great time playing with his cousins, visiting the Chinese Gardens (where the ceremony was held),

and picking black berries.

Sorry, no photos of the wedding, I was on Kaya duty for most of it. Thanks to all of Nicki's relatives for a fantastic visit!
The recent sunshine put together with evening rain showers has created some fantastic rainbows, some of them doubles.

The salmon are in at the Nature Center viewing decks. Leo was big into walking the dogs on the way out there.

And, of course, when the fish are in so are the bears. This one was out by the viewing deck with her cub.

We don't have a TV at our yurt but we do watch movies on the computer. Kaya has recently gotten into it and shares the past time with her brother.

Just for the record, Leo does have clothes on.

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