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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fair, Berries, 7 months, Lakes, and Birthdays

We made our yearly trip to the fair and were pleased to have a nice sunny day, a rarity this summer. We watched the lumberjacks and the horse acrobats, rode ponies and rides, and got to see big vegetables. One of the new highlights this year was seeing the dog weight pull competition. Leo even got to ride in the cart the dogs were pulling. (Leo not in this picture.)

There have been a lot of people complaining about the poor yield in blueberries this year. Not if you know where to find them :) (hint: hike in a couple of miles)

Kaya is 7 months old and is beginning to develop some personality. Here is crazy Kaya.

We found a new lake to paddle on. Fire Lake in eagle river is a great place to watch the float planes land and take off, have a picnic on the island, and muck around in the canoe.

Nicki's Birthday is tomorrow. Hold on pal, that cake is for her.

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Meg said...

What was the name of that baby carrier you had in Bethel? Was it an Ergo Baby?
Hope all is well!
Margaret, Keplerkids.blogspot
ps we had our third son august 21st-Wyatt Augustus kepler